How do I know the person chatting with me is the actual lady?

Since the chat function is a new service on, we are currently offering the option to chat to only select affiliates with carefully screened ladies to ensure your chat experience is fulfilling, rewarding, and most importantly…REAL.

The ladies now have the independence to chat with the men directly instead of through the agency. While there are great advantages to this: such as developing your relationship at a much faster pace. It also potentially opens the door for an unscrupulous lady to try to take advantage of the man she is chatting with if does not use proactive measures to prevent this. Therefore we carefully screen the ladies who are available to chat and also utilize other PC/Tablet/Smartphone tracking methods to ensure no one else is chatting for her.

While we are employing very stringent guidelines to keep a few bad apples out of the chat room, the vast majority of the ladies on the site are honest and sincerely looking for a good man for marriage. So don’t let the very slim chance of encountering a dishonest person prevent you from enjoying the chat service and developing a long-term relationship with a great lady. The number of screened ladies available to chat will be increasing on a daily basis.