Phone Translation Service: Get in Touch with a Foreign Woman


Many clients requested it, so is delivering it: you can not only email the woman you like, the lady you are interested in, the one you are going to meet in person in a very short future... you can call her too! How? Actually, it is very easy.

To assist in calling Ukraine, Colombia, and all the other ladies countries, ForeignLadies has partnered with PhoneTranslations to provide you with a cheap and reliable way to call every lady from our online dating site. When I say cheap, I mean a flat US$ 5.99 rate minute phone call assisted by an interpreter. Calling to China, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Peru or Colombia now will happen without having to ask for any individual translation rate.

Need a phone translator because you want to hear her voice and you need a phone translation service that can handle any of these?

  • Russian phone translation
  • Spanish phone translation
  • Chinese phone translation

Keep in mind that is a separate website from You will need to create a separate profile on that site, fill out the appropiate information, and make payment there. Any questions about should be directed to

Advantages of using the Phone Translations service to call International:

A translator assisted phone call is one of the best ways of getting to know a foreign woman better once contact has been established from emailing.

Calling her will make her feel you are truly interested in her. A phone call will make her feel your contact is more personal and direct. You will also be able to notice how truly interested she is in you, as you will not only hear her words, but the tone of her voice, which will usually tell a lot about her as well.

If you had any trust issues, call her. It will sort them out reliably and fast.

You say you don't speak the same language? That is not a problem at all. Using Phone Translations to call the ladies, you will have the assistance of a professional interpreter. Why not give it a try? Call her!

The process of calling any foreign lady from this site is very easy using

  1. Write down the user name of the lady or ladies you are wanting to call. Again, write her user name, please. The ID number is not going to work.

  2. Go to and log in to your account. Create an account if you are about to call for the first time.

  3. Once you have logged in, click on Add/Edit Request and you will be taken to a page on which you will find space to request up to five phone conversations.

  4. Skip the first two spaces there, ID and number to call spaces. Those two are unnecessary if you are calling a lady from Then add the phone number we will use to call you, then your preferred call time, date, and the translation language pair you will need, if any. In the name space, insert the user name of the lady you wish to call, and, in the URL gap, type either or just FL.

  5. Submit and wait for the Phone Translations staff to contact you to start your call.

When the international phone call to Peru (or another country) has been arranged, we will both dial you and the lady you have requested. You will begin paying only when you two are connected. You are not charged for the set-up time.

How to pay for the International phone translation service

Before your first call, you need to make sure you have enough credit in your account to complete the phone call. Phone Translations is going to charge you a flat rate of US$5.99 per minute (regardless of whether you need a Russian phone translation, Spanish phone translation, or Chinese phone translation), starting the moment in which you are connected with the lady. As you may already know, paying for the service will require a credit card. If you don't have a credit card, contact us for assistance.

If you do have a credit card, you can just click on Payment and fill in your credit card information. Just make sure the address bar has taken you to, which is the correct site in which this international dialing service is charged.

Last but not least, this service is not only for clients living in the United States. If you live abroad, no problem! This phone dialing service is as international as everything else on the Internet.

Taking time differences into account.

To make the best use of the site, Phone Translations' staff will try to prearrange a phone call between the lady and you before making the actual call. In which case you need to take time differences into account:

  • Calling Philippines or calling China? They are an average of 11 hours ahead of the United States and 7 hours ahead of England, but the good news is that you can dial the lady for just US$5.99/minute whether you need a Chinese phone translation or will be conversing in English in the Philippines.

  • Calling Russia? They are an average of 10 hours ahead of the United States and 3 hours ahead of England. Need a Russian phone translation? Same rate as in Asia, US$5.99/minute.

  • Calling Ukraine? They are an average of 9 hours ahead of the United States and 2 hours ahead of England. A Ukrainian phone translation is obviously the same as for Russia 5.99/minute.

  • Calling Costa Rica? They are in average at the same time of the United States and 7 hours behind England. A Spanish phone translation only costs US$5.99/minute.

  • Finally if you are calling Colombia or calling Peru, they are an average of 1-2 hour ahead of the United States and 6-7 hours behind England, and the Spanish phone translation is US$5.99/minute.

So give it a try! Call.