About Me:

Age: 33

Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Others

From:Toronto, Canada

Height: 5'6" 170cm

Weight: 110lb 49kg

Horoscope Sign: Libra

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Horoscope Sign: Libra

Children: None



Smoking habits: Never

Drinking: Never

I don't want to be ignorant in a simple exchange of words! Mutual interest is my aspiration. Being able to listen carefully to each other, offering support in a time of need. Personal perfection is not my goal; however, flawless communication is what I crave... Perhaps something akin to this? If you want to be imbued with pleasant feelings and crave a serious relationship, Write me!

Are you ready to take in all my tenderness? The artfulness of femininity and alluring sexuality... In spite of my youth, I possess shrewdness. I am always an energetic lady, and my chosen one will always admire the bright smile that lights up my face. My dream is to become a true amulet for the beloved. My being is imbued with harmony enveloping my physical body. You've probably noticed this, haven't you? A thirst for change pervades my life, including my dwelling place. Be assured that I am not here for promises devoid of sincerity. I manage to caress your heart with penetrating tenderness!