About Me:

Age: 28

Languages: English,Others

From:Kiev, Ukraine

Height: 5'6" 170cm

Weight: 65lb 29kg

Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

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Horoscope Sign: Scorpio


Sports: Swimming, fitness

Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, nature, shopping, sports, reading, movies

Occupation: Stewardess


Education: Higher Education

Smoking habits: Never

Drinking: Never

Let me introduce myself! I am a single woman and I was brought here by a sincere desire to meet an interesting man from abroad in order to try to build a serious love relationship. For me, this decision was not easy, since I had never met online before. However, I have high hopes and sincerely hope that I can realize my dream of true female happiness! I am a successful and self-sufficient woman. I am sociable and have many friends, but when I come home I am left alone and don’t like this state of emptiness. I am a loving, affectionate, gentle woman and family-oriented. I like to spend time with my family and friends. I am very demanding of myself, I take care of my physical and mental health. But I don’t want and won’t subordinate my man to my will, because among all of them I will choose the one who will be ideal for me in terms of his temperament and inner state!

As you can understand from the above, I am looking for the ideal man for myself! What should he be? Real, strong, confident, purposeful! I'm looking for a man behind whom I will be like behind a stone wall! Who can save me from many of life’s troubles and can always shed light on the situation for me with his wise advice! I want him to be sincere, honest and able to communicate openly, trusting his partner. So that he would be affectionate, caring and passionate in our amorous affairs! It’s not for nothing that I talk about partnership, because I believe that unions in which there is only affection or only passion cannot exist for a long time due to the beggary of feelings. And when we talk about partnership, it means respect, support, mutual understanding, and care, which very clearly and accurately complement the love and passion in the heart! And I hope that I will find a man who puts inner strengths first in his life, and who is ready to build a relationship with a woman like me!