About Me:

Age: 28

Languages: Others,Russian,English

From:Kyiv, Ukraine

Height: 5'6" 168cm

Weight: 115lb 52kg

Horoscope Sign: Pisces

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Horoscope Sign: Pisces



Hobbies: As I am the owner of restaurant I can tell that I like everything connected with creating new menu and new receipts which will make my clients happy from visit of my restaurant. Among other hobbies I have such ones: Swimming as it gives me freedom; cookin

Occupation: Manager And Owner Of Restaurant

Education: University degree

Smoking habits: Never

Drinking: Never

I'm a wise and bright woman but when you get to know me better, you'll see that I have a unique personality which in every sphere opens me from different sides. My motto is “Eat, pray, love”. I am not 18 but I am still developing and I love to open something new for myself and of course I try to share this with my loved ones. My family is my harbor, where I can be myself and they see my tears and smiles and never stop loving me. I always care about my parents and always support them in everything as they are those ones who gave me this precious life and I am thankful to them for this. I am not perfect and not ideal but I am always honest and never tell lies or promise what I can’t do. If you really want that one nearby who will become your best friend and will support you in any case, it is about me as I know what is life and what is to be commited.

I see you as a loving and caring man who will be with me at any time, bad or good one but hand in hand)) I see you as a wise and calm man whose emotions are in balance and who can make me feel the only one for him and just HIS UNIVERSE)) I see in you a generous man who is able to be generous not in material things but in his true emotions, true desires, true dreams)) I see in you a man who knows what he wants from life and wants to go through it with ONE woman)) I see in you that one who will embrace me and will let me be a weak woman, a small girl in his arms))